30 July 2014 @ 02:58 pm

@MichaelCostFr: With the gorgeous #MelissaGeorge @RalphLauren restaurant #Paris
19 June 2014 @ 09:52 am

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Felony's out in Australia on August 28th.

Exclusif - Melissa George et son compagnon Jean-David Blanc - Première soirée "La Guinguette de Régine" au Balajo présentée par Régine, Marc Zaffuto et Emmanuel d'Orazio, à Paris le 26 mai 2014.

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SOURCE via Francesca at our FB page :)

MILAN, ITALY - JUNE 12: Melissa George attends the Convivio 2014 on June 12, 2014 in Milan, Italy.

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09 June 2014 @ 08:30 pm

Melissa visited the Centre Pompidou in Paris today along with Michael Coste.

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Possible new project for Melissa:

In an exclusive interview, Schepisi talked about the appeal of Gerald DiPego’s complex screenplay, the ways it touches on the impact of today’s technology and our obsession with social media, how he landed Owen and Binoche in the lead roles, the emotional depth they brought to the story, his thoughts on the importance of words versus pictures as a filmmaker who works in a medium that relies on the power of both, and his upcoming projects including The Olive Sisters starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Anthony LaPaglia, Josh Lucas and Melissa George, Drowsy Chaperone, Burnt Piano and Last Man.

[...] What do you have coming up next that you’re excited for audiences to see?

SCHEPISI: The Olive Sisters will be next. It’s a film I’m doing in Australia about two generations of an Italian family, one in the late 50’s and the other now [in the present] with the granddaughter. It’s all about prejudice and changes in prejudice and farming. It’s a beautiful story.


The story is based on a novel by the same name, here's the synopsis:

Adrienne Bennett is a successful businesswoman with an enviable lifestyle but when her business goes down her life falls apart and her self-confidence quickly crumbles. She is forced to move from her beautiful Sydney apartment to the small rural community of Duffy’s Creek and the run-down olive grove she has inherited from her grandparents.

Over the next few months she makes some startling discoveries about her identity that lead her towards a deeper exploration of who she really is. She’s forced to confront and deal with secrets from the past and along the way she learns something about humility, friendships, forgiveness and love.

In a parallel narrative we follow Adrienne’s grandparents, the Martino family, Italian migrants who worked hard to establish the olive grove in the belief it would provide a legacy for their two daughters, Isabelle and Rosanna. They take local mining engineer Jack under their wing and he falls in love with and marries Isabelle, the elder sister. When problems in the marriage emerge, a pact is made between the sisters that leads to heartbreak and estrangement.

According Deadline.com:

I hear Richard LaGravenese’s Dangerous Liaisons is not going forward.